System Of A Down - Serj Tankian, Scars On Broadway, SOAD
System Of A Down
Serj Tankian -
Scars On Broadway -   Achozen -
1998 System of a Down
2001 Toxicity
2002 Steal This Album!
2005 Mezmerize
2005 Hypnotize
1995 Untitled Demo Tape
1995 1st Demo Tape
1996 2nd Demo Tape
1997 3rd Demo Tape
1998 Sugar
1998 Spiders
2001 Johnny
2001 Aerials
2001 Chop Suey
2001 Toxicity
2005 B.Y.O.B.
2005 Question
2005 Hypnotize
2006 Lonely Day - !
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From a post up high
From where you see the ships afar
From a well trained eye
The waves all keep on crashing by
If you are the light post
Then you own the working class
But if you want the answers
Then you better give a piece of ass
Post hypnotic suggestions
Running the ships ashore
The orange light that follows
Will soon proclaim itself God
If you point your answers
You better get ready for the fire
Get ready for the fire
The ships are multiplying day after day sir
And they
e coming close to the shore sir
Shore sir
We need to evacuate the light post
Its all over, its all over, its all over.

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SOAD System Of A Dawn
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